Playin' on

Marty was born & raised way too long ago in Chicago, Illinois.
During high school, he fronted Marty Shepard & His Flock. At the University of Illinois, Marty played very simplistic keyboards with the Million Dollar War Babies, then graduated to playing trumpet with an authentic soul band, King Edward & the Gaypoppers. He found out decades later that a Gaypopper was a person that only did heroin on the weekends. (Nice to know that, even years later...)

Marty then joined REO Speedwagon, which was, at that point, a typical bar band at the U of I. REO tranformed into a typical rhythm & blues group, but under the guidance of manager Irving Azoff, REO became an opening act for such groups as Iron Butterfly, Canned Heat, The Shadows of Night (G L O R I A....) & Three Dog Night. This was truly a groovy, boss and neato time.

After touring across the US with a rock/show band named Geneva, he pretty much put down the horn for about 20 years. During that time, he established a career as a video tape editor in Chicago, lived for 2 and a half years on his brother David's goat ranch in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains (David still lives there!!!), got married, had two (2) boys, moved to Nanaimo, British Columbia, opened and closed a graphic design company and got divorced.

Marty began playing the trumpet again on a New Year's Eve of some year in the early 1990's.